Big Data Analytics

Driving businesses to implement scalable & high-performance big data analytics applications to achieve growth with data-driven transformation.

Organizations generate data at an inconceivable rate with high volume and velocity from various data sources. But it's true value often remains untapped by most companies, and data integrity often remains a challenge. We assist you resolve this situation by ensuring your data remains high-quality, transparent, manageable, understandable, and actionable. Elite IT Solutions Big Data consulting services provide a wide range of analytics services from consulting, integration, and visualization to advanced analytics. You can select the ones which are apt for business needs. We also assist our clients in scaling and platform readiness while developing Big Data capabilities to drive vision and value.

Big Data Infrastructure Services

Our Big Data services help organizations manage the complexity of procuring, planning, building, and securing their on-premise platform. We develop frameworks and accelerators to enable seamless data flow between files. Our services in this space include Installation Integration, Configuring and Monitoring NoSQL ecosystems, ensuring that the infrastructure meets the enormous enterprise data demands.

Data Lake Solutions & Services

Our Data Lake services include designing and developing enterprise data lakes to give organizations the ability to perform advanced analytics on data of any size and ingest real-time data at scale. Our offering delivers data lake strategy & roadmap, data integration, data lake implementation access & services & go-live enablement.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization

Our Enterprise Data Warehouse services help enterprises optimize and meet the growing demands of big data. Our wide array of consulting services helps create a central data warehouse capable of unifying heterogeneous data sources. We also ensure that the data warehouse maintains a strict data quality and gives you access to the information you need at the right time.

Big Data Visualization

Our Big Data visualization services offer a quick and effective way to understand the trends within large swathes of Big Data, perform drill-down analysis and identify correlations and unexpected relationships with a variety of charts and graphs. Our expertise in data visualization assists enterprises with functional dashboards and reports on both open source and proprietary platforms that help in fast and proactive decision-making.