Cyber Security

Elite IT delivers a full range of top-tier cybersecurity services and solutions to strengthen your business with operational resilience, flawless data privacy, and robust protection against cyber threats.

Elite IT utilizes a proactive multi-layered cyber security protection service approach to transform your business with cyber security threat intelligence and orchestration, automation, cybersecurity consulting, and cloud and managed security services. We can implement a comprehensive approach to cyber security to allow your business to identify, prevent and recover from a cyber security breach. Our defense-in-depth cyber security services cover the following areas:  Cyber Security Program Strategy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection,  Perimeter Security,  Application Assessment, & Security Monitoring Services.  Our IT security risk assessment and cyber security programs let you know where you are and how to protect your organization better. Elite IT team of cyber risk auditors will; perform a gaps analysis to identify a clear road map to a more robust cyber security program.

Information Security

Elite IT utilizes role-based access control (RBAC), multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), complex encryptions, and data loss prevention tools to ensure powerful data protection in motion and at rest while maintaining its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Threat Detection

We deliver 24/7 real-time threat monitoring, detection, and response to defend your business against advanced cyber threats and any other suspicious activities. Furthermore, our experts implement modern ML-powered threat intelligence solutions to precisely analyze potential threats and help you enable a predictive security posture.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Our consultants provide holistic IT risk management services, including security audits, monitoring, and event management to help you identify subtle vulnerabilities and mitigate any risks. Moreover, we can facilitate your compliance with our integrated GRC solution – Elite IT.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Elite IT experts design and implement effective backup & disaster recovery strategies to safeguard your business from unplanned downtime. Together we will prioritize your workloads and define RTO/RPO. Consequently, our engineers will establish a powerful BDR solution, tailored to your cloud or hybrid environment.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Elite IT security teams perform continuous incident monitoring to investigate and conduct deep digital forensic analysis of incidents, report and remediate internal or external attacks. In addition, we can enhance your long-term defense by developing comprehensive incident response plans (IRPs) and leveraging automated response to common events.