DevOps & AWS

Avail our agile DevOps and AWS solutions and consultation services and maximize developer productivity, reduce time to market, and improve customer satisfaction.

At Elite IT Solutions, we strive to deliver state-of-the-art DevOps services & solutions to businesses for automating and streamlining the processes in a cross-functional environment. DevOps empower developers, operations team, test engineers, product managers and executives to collaborate closely with each other for enhanced transparency and agility. By leveraging DevOps services like continuous integration and delivery, it helps enterprises to cater to the emerging market needs more rapidly and efficiently.

Infrastructure Management

We deploy an advanced cloud DevOps framework that enables efficient configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to set up robust infrastructure — highly adaptable to the growing needs of your business.


This approach enables the quick release of new apps and saves time while ensuring processes are more secure, updated and profitable. Shared repositories allow the DevOps team to perform CI/CD for rapid delivery cycles.

Release Management

Increase the number of successful deployments through agile release management practices. Streamline operations, deliver more custom experiences and accelerate your digital transformation journey with us.

Consulting Monitoring

Sometimes, all you need is 24/7 continuous monitoring services to keep an eye on potential errors and to report them in a timely manner. We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Capacity Management

We ensure your cloud resources are appropriately sized to serve various business workloads in a cost-effective manner. We do not believe in making compromises; neither should you.

Availability Management

Implement a robust continuous monitoring system with an event-driven management architecture. Ensure the level of service delivered in all services matches or exceeds the agreed needs.

Security Management

Boost the security and compliance of your cloud architecture with our help. We apply only the best security practices, manage inspections and conduct timely audits. Download all your worries on us.

DevOps Support

Hit a roadblock in your infrastructures, operations or workloads? We are here to help! Elite IT offers around-the-clock technical support with next-gen monitoring tools and tactics.

Cloud Migration

Migrating a platform to the cloud can be daunting. Not when you have us by your side. Irrespective of the technology, we will undertake the entire project hassle-free, and finish it in record time.