Enterprise Solutions

Empowering Enterprises with Future-proof Digital & Cloud Solutions from Leading Global Software Providers

Elite IT offers state-of-the-art enterprise solutions for streamlining and integrating different business processes to facilitate seamless collaboration and information exchange between different silos, databases, and globally scattered teams. It demystifies and simplifies the approach in enterprise-grade digital technology and cloud enablement to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the customer.

Elite IT has close relations with leading global software providers and has developed in-house proficiencies in multiple enterprise softwares. It has a mature Cloud and Enterprise Modernization Centres of Excellence (CoEs) that build solutions powered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, OpenText, SalesForceetc., for its customers.

Enterprise Consulting

A successful strategy from designing, planning and implementation to sustainability and scalability is what we offer in our enterprise consulting suite. Our experienced consultants strive to apply strategic solutions to boost up your vision, mission as well as current and future goals. Aiming strong goals for your business genre, we develop crisp IT solutions which are able to generate measurable results for industries across different verticals.


An ERP software solution acts as the basic foundation towards a growing business, regardless of its industry. In order to support and automate complex business processes, an ERP system is a mandatory asset. We, at Elite IT, provide ERP solutions that fit right according to your business and give you an overall control to handle and manage your resources correctly. Following a modular approach by concentrating on streamlined processes and improving enterprise growth and profits, we create value in multiple domains.


One of the most important aspects of a business is customer satisfaction which eventually leads to long-lasting relationships with them. To assist you with the ways of enhancing your most valuable conversations and interactions with clients, we have our CRM suite which consists of excellent solutions. Elite IT’s CRM solutions can aid your firm to cover a broad range of options such as sales, management, marketing, customer support etc.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Streamlining operations is the key to developing with the right pace according to expanding business. Our supply chain management solutions amplify your leverage by providing you the tools, flexibility and visibility which is much needed to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Optimize all the resources, gain better visibility and respond faster to customer opportunities with our SCM solutions to plan and execute your strategies faster and execute them with increasing profitability.

B2B Solutions

Businesses around the globe rely on each other for one need or the other. At Elite IT, we work on providing a diverse class of solutions across different vertical and horizontal streams. Services ranging from finance to accounts to healthcare and many more lie in our zone. We deliver a fusion of domain, technology and expertise to offer on-demand business services that result in reduced costs, increased productivity and compliance assurance.


We at Elite IT help your devices stand out and add value to users via innovative features. We understand OEMs have special requirements that demand creativity, technical depth, special expertise, and personalized execution to give the levels of control and functionality it requires. Our high quality products are built to order and customized for the specific needs of our customers and their end users.