Software Testing

Identify Speed Issues & Performance Gaps in Development Process with the Help of Expert Quality Assurance Engineers.

Elite IT, one of the leading software testing companies in the world, delivers software testing services and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications to ensure that you ship a quality product. Our testing experts work directly with your team to create an end-to-end process that works consistently and efficiently while providing you dedicated support and seamless feedback. Our services are directed to help you achieve quality at speed and ensure that you have a secure online presence. Be it for day-to-day internal operations or services to the client, software apps keep your business up and running round the clock. Lack of quality software can disrupt the end-to-end pipeline and lead to several security issues, memory leaks, broken app features, or it could lead to a completely non-functional system.

Functional Testing

Does your application function the way it had been intended to? Utilize our functional testing expertise to make sure your software works exactly because it was outlined to try to do in your specification documents.

Performance Testing

Load and performance testing help companies to determine how a system performs under different workloads. Performance testing is a Non-Functional type which is done to ensure if the application doesn’t behave and respond abnormally under various workloads.

Test Automation

Our automation testing services use the newest computerized tools to execute test cases. Our expertise can assist you get there with least risk and best ROI.

Mobile Testing

We test the standard and performance of your application on mobile devices. Our experts will confirm your mobile app presents an ideal UX and performance all the time.

Security Testing

We check your software for its capability to guard data and functionality. Identify & Defend Vulnerabilities In Your System To Close Gaps Before They're Exploited.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is done to determine if the developed application or product is good enough to run in different environments such as Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices, Networks, Hardware and Versions.